2019 Audi A6 essentials: Stepping toward luxury

Our Opinion: My first impression of this BMW 5-Series, Mercedes-Benz E-Class fighter is that it feels way more luxurious than that last one I drove. It’s partly the woodgrain trim and the $8,200 Prestige Package, but it’s more about Audi’s super-smooth power delivery.The Audi A6’s updated V6 is punchy, but you really have to squash the right pedal, even in dynamic mode. Otherwise, it’s butter-soft torque delivery all through the rev range. It’s a quiet mill without much turbo noise.The suspension, on the other hand, feels sportier than expected. Our A6 tester does have the Sport Package, which dials it up a notch, but this car never comes across as floaty, and changes of direction are quick. Again, dynamic mode tightens things up a little more. The steering wheel doesn’t have a lot of feedback, but the effort it takes leans more on the sporty side. The whole A6 package feels heavy, and as you can see, weight is almost 4,300 pounds.We now have two big screens in the center and very few buttons. The only standard ones are the drive mode select, traction control off and the safety settings that include some form of high, medium and low assist. (That last one can never be fully defeated, but hit the traction off button in the deep snow — you’ll thank me later.)And that leads me to my next sort-of complaint: Audi’s lane keeping hugs the right side of the lane, it doesn’t center. Most of the time that’s fine. It’s better to be more right because there’s more visibility there, but if the edge of the road is snow covered, or there’s another car bearing down, I’d rather be in the center.