2019 Toyota Sequoia essentials: Bring the whole team

Our Opinion: The Sequoia is a big SOB, so the TSS-P safety features are welcome, as is the 38.1-foot turning radius, small for this class. I backed out of my parents’ super-narrow driveway really slowly, even though I’ve been doing it for decades. On the road too, you have to pay attention to keep it in between the lines. On the good side, not only can you seat eight, but you can also carry about 20 cubic feet of basketballs, or hockey equipment, or lacrosse…bats? Clubs? Paddles?The big 5.7-liter non-Hemi makes a lot of ruckus under the hood, and most of that makes its way into the cabin. It certainly makes this big bruiser seem faster than it is (though it’s not slow), but I would add a little more sound insulation if I was building the next Sequoia. The throttle is easy and sensitive, meaning you put your foot down 1/3 of the way and you’re off and running. It feels quicker off the line than at speed, but I was never wanting for passing power on the expressway. The Sequoia’s brakes were fine, maybe a little soft for my tastes, but progressive.Something this big will never handle well, but the luxury-style low-effort steering wheel made the Sequoia generally go where pointed. I would probably ask for a little more weight at speed, as it’s a little darty on the expressway. Outward visibility is great considering you’re five feet higher than anyone else on the road.